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Our Community Engagement service is desgined to help you achieve your goals and ambitions. It could be extra support with day-to-day chores or helping you achieve a long-term dream!

Often the people we support face a barrier in achieving what others take for granted. For example, a lack of confidence might be putting you off accessing your local community or seeking employment or voluntary work. Our team will work with you to create achievable goals and fulfil daily tasks.

These areas could be:

  • Travel training
  • Help with money, budgeting and debt relief
  • Community advocacy
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Help with chores
  • Life skills
  • Voluntary work
  • Applying for paid employment
    Emotional support

As always, the number of hours we provide is determined by your needs, and usually decided with help from your Social Worker. Some people receive a couple of hours a week, some need more in order to keep them safe, happy and healthy.

We currently support 16 people in the community and in their homes through our Community Engagement service and we are able to move quickly to support new service users or provide additional support when the need arises.

If Community Engagement sounds like the right service for you, get in touch…